Due to COVID19, we are temporarily on hiatus and are not accepting any book donations.

Please do not donate drop off any books at our partner collection sites.

You can donate to the following local groups during this time:

Literacy Connects
Casa de los Ninos Thrift Store
Contact your local public school

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6 thoughts on “Donate

    1. Hi, Sue. Our program typically works with individuals in detention. To donate to a detention facility itself, I would reach out to the warden or librarian there. Policies vary from facility to facility, so it’s usually best to work directly with them. Thanks!

  1. Do you accept books through the mail? Do you have restrictions on number or size of packages?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi, Rebecca! If you’re in Tucson you can drop off books at the locations listed above. Otherwise, we also accept books at our P.O. Box above. We can use gently used paperbacks, and there’s no restriction on number or size of packages (though we typically just have one volunteer making runs to the post office, so really large packages may be a bit unwieldy!). Thank you for your interest in donating!

  2. Hello! Sorry for the delay in replying. We are always glad to help inmates in Arizona’s prisons. However, we only take requests directly from the inmates themselves, so that we can be certain that the books we send will not put them over their personal item limits. Your brother is welcome to send us a request for up to three books; he can send it to the address above. Thank you!

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