Donations Needed!

PO Box requests

This is a normal view of our post office box, brimming with book requests from incarcerated people in Arizona’s state and federal prisons.  To be able to complete these requests, we need not only the books in our library and our wonderful volunteers, but monies for shipping.  The average package costs about $4.00 to send, and we work to send over 150 packages a month.  That’s $600 per month!  

Please consider hitting the “Donate” button on the right of the page and submit a donation through PayPal, or send cash or check directly to us at:

Read Between the Bars
c/o Daily Planet Publishing
P.O. Box 1589
Tucson, AZ, 85702-1589

This will allow us to meet all the requests in a timely manner, and continue to promote freedom of literacy!


2 thoughts on “Donations Needed!

    1. Hi, Nora. Unfortunately most prisons don’t allow deliveries from the public. Any donations that are sent to the prisons themselves or to their inmates have to be sent through a recognized mail or parcel carrier. However, you might be able to drop them off at a local halfway house.

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