How to Support Us!


What we need to keep Tucson’s books-to-prisoners project going….

…Money for postage!

Everything we mail has a price. It costs us about $3-5 to send 2-4 books to one prisoner. We receive about 50-60 request letters per month. All monetary donations go directly to sending books to prisoners and help us pay for our P.O. Box and mailing supplies. We also accept Bookmans credit to track down prisoners’ special literature requests.

Checks and cash donations are enormously appreciated and can be mailed to our P.O. Box. For us, a little goes a long way!


If you would like to donate books to RBtB, please send us paperbacks in good condition. If you live in or visit Tucson, you can also drop off your book donations at the American Friends Service Committee Tucson Office. Consider donating books that you have enjoyed or would recommend to a friend.

Most Requested Books:

• Dictionaries (by far the most requested!)
• Books in Spanish / Libros en español
• Spanish-English dictionaries
• History
• Spanish-American history
• Native American literature
• Aztecs and indigenous cultures of the Americas
• Medical dictionaries
• World almanacs
• How to draw
• How to start a business
• How-to books in general
• Non-fiction
• Mysteries and thrillers


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