Donations Needed!

PO Box requests

This is a normal view of our post office box, brimming with book requests from incarcerated people in Arizona’s state and federal prisons.  To be able to complete these requests, we need not only the books in our library and our wonderful volunteers, but monies for shipping.  The average package costs about $4.00 to send, and we work to send over 150 packages a month.  That’s $600 per month!  

Please consider hitting the “Donate” button on the right of the page and submit a donation through PayPal, or send cash or check directly to us at:

Read Between the Bars
c/o Daily Planet Publishing
P.O. Box 1589
Tucson, AZ, 85702-1589

This will allow us to meet all the requests in a timely manner, and continue to promote freedom of literacy!

Giving Back

The Arizona Daily Star did a wonderful article on volunteering in the Tucson community, featuring one of our core members! Why does Nikki volunteer with multiple organizations in Tucson, and include her family in the process?

RBTB nikki and morgan


“It is important to help those in need, whether it is to help out stray or abandoned animals, give water to homeless people around town or provide some education and entertainment for incarcerated adults…We have tried to raise our daughters to become strong, caring, empathetic young women who recognize that they have had opportunities and advantages that many people have not.”  Read the entire article here.


Packing parties are a great way to relax and do some great work.  Come on your own, with friends, or family!  Packing parties occur on the second Wednesday of each month, and the last Sunday.  Like our Facebook page for event updates and reminders.


Read Between the Bars has received the paperwork that officially labels us as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization! Donations will now be tax deductible, and allow us to continue to grow as an organization.  We are excited with this change for the organization and the people we serve.

If you’re able, please consider donating now.  Your newly tax deductible donation will help us pay for the postage required to ship books to incarcerated individuals throughout Arizona.  Donations can be easily made via PayPal, or by sending a check to our PO Box.


Community Thanks

quote-Cesar-Chavez-we-cannot-seek-achievement-for-ourselves-and-70866Did you know that Read Between the Bars is completely run by volunteers and donations? That is why we are so appreciative of the local businesses and community groups that allow us to share our mission to help gather donations.  We have had a few places help us out over the last year, and just want to thank them for helping the Arizona community!

A big thank you to…fst

To find out more about any of these organizations, click on literacy_connectsthe links above.


A Books Worth

At our twice a month Book-Packing Parties, we open a lot of letters from incarcerated individuals requesting books. We always receive intense gratitude and kind words from people who have acquired books from our program.  Sometimes, these letters are so eloquent and gracious that we just have to share.  From a recent letter, an incarcerated individual wrote:

To Whom it May Concern,RBTB website letter

Hello, I hope you are all doing well.  It is a great thing you guys do for us and I’d like to
thank you for that. It’s really hard to understand a books worth until you’ve been in a small cell for months at a time with nothing but your mind to keep you company. Then, out of nowhere, you receive a book or two and your able to travel and meet different characters
who become friends, and yes, even enemies…

Anyways, I’d like to request a couple of books please. Thank you for your time.  

[Name and personal information redacted]


Packages to send Our Book-Packing Parties are on the second Wednesday of the month from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. and the last Sunday of the month from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.
To find out more, you can join our email list by emailing us your information at, or like our Facebook page and join the packing events.

March 31st: Tuesdays for Tucson to Benefit Read Between the Bars!

Join Read Between the Bars on Tuesday, March 31st from 5pm to 10pm at La Cocina Restaula-cocina-tucsonrant and Bar for their weekly benefit!  Come and enjoy any food or drink that evening, and 10% of the sales will go to support Read Between the Bars’ mission of sending books to people incarcerated in Arizona.

While there, you’ll get to enjoy live music by Mik and Scott and Billy Sedlmayr. Mik and Scott, who are regular performers at La Cocina, use looping bass, sax, drums, and other instruments to create a unique, experimental funk sound. Billy Sedlmayr h

14370_10153522921613222_147247902024654458_nas been a contributor to Tucson’s music scene since his teenage years, when he was involved in local punk bands like The Pedestrians. Over the years, while sharing the stage and studio with the likes of Howe Gelb and Dave Seeger, his sound took a turn toward Americana.

Let us know you’re coming by RSVPing on the Facebook event.  Feel free to bring your gently used paperback books to donate at that time. Hope to see you there!

For questions, please email us at